Thief:The Dark Project/Gold Thief:The Metal Age
How to create a loot object as a quest objective, eg Remirez silver poker in Assasins mission

Special goals are used when an item you want to get as an object is seen by the thief engine as a loot item and automatically adds it to the loot total, distroying the object in the process, and not flagging the objective to get the item as an objective.

Your goal as Garrett, you are on a mission to steal a golden bracelet, encrusted with diamonds and rubys, and other precious gems.
so in the goals.str description you would have

fiction_1:""Lord Icorus Brutus has a golden bracelet, hidden in his mansion, while you are there make sure it ends up in your pocket, and not on his lady loves arm.""
text_1:""Lord I. Brutus has a golden bracelet, get it.""

so you would add the SpecialGoals script to The PlayerStart marker, under the VictoryCheck script, eg script{VictoryCheck;SpecialGoals;;;False}

Then you would place the golden bracelet in the level in the place you want to hide it, eg GoldenBracelet(45)

To this object add Dark GameSys -> Loot

In the Loot popup add how much you think its worth in gold, eg 250, gems, eg 500, art, eg 100. Click on the Special button, click on Special 1 on the dropdown menu (for more than one special loot objective the next loot item would be special 2, you can only have 8 specific loot objectives), then click on the Ok button. Then Click on Done.

(if the item is not adding itself to the loot total when picked up add Engine Features -> Combine Type and type Loot in the box and click the OK button)

settings for the mission quest data (QUEST_CREATE_MIS)

GOAL_STATE_1, 0      = objective not yet complete
GOAL_VISIBLE_1, 1      = objective is visible at the start of the mission
GOAL_TYPE_1, 3         = objective is to steal a loot item
GOAL_TARGET_1, 45  = item number in brackets of the item to get
GOAL_SPECIAL_1, 1     = 1 equals the special number you gave it in Dark GameSys -> Loot

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