Thief:The Dark Project/Gold Thief:The Metal Age
Creation of the loadout, contains items that Garrett has but they don't appear in Garrett's inventory while in the shop

Select Editors from menu bar, Select Object Hierarchy... from dropdown menu, Make sure Show Tree Archetypes is select, select + button next to fnord, highlight marker(-36), click on create button

In top window select the room you want the loadoutcache to go in, draw box in room to create marker, select marker(n) (n = number created by dromed when object created in level), click on properties of marker(n) in bottom menu selector, click on edit button in property window, type LoadoutCache in Object Name popup, then click on OK button, click on add button, on popup selector, select S -> Scripts, Type LoadoutCache in Scripts popup on line Script 0, then click on OK button

Click on Done Button

Links to add to LoadoutCache

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